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Providing feed for larvae of shrimp , fry and young crabs ; the brine shrimp flakes , pellet and BP   are particularly used for the breed .
Richen International Enterprise Co., Ltd.
, an authorized factory of feeding stuffs, was established in 1986. The company is researching and developing business of cultivating larvae and feeding stuffs. Nearly twenty years the company is trying their best to provide the excellent feeding stuffs with the highest quality to proprietors of the aquaculture.
   Based on the essence of service and consideration for customers the newest information of aquaculture, brilliant quality of feeding stuffs and reasonable price in product is always provided to proprietors. The company possesses the nursery aquaculture , precise lab., professional technicians and the machinery plant; most of the time the company strives for the prescription in high science and technology .Various feeding stuffs and relevant products are available for market. The technique of aquatic products and best technicians will be introduced to all proprietors, so that a better communication and cooperation can be reached; the applicable investment and IT are also available in order to acquire the Win-Win situation.
   Our quality of feeding stuffs is outstanding and the price is very reasonable; we accept order placed by OEM or ODM from our agents.
   The brand of Richen is worth to be trusted. We welcome your purchase.

Richen International Enterprise Co,. Ltd.
299-7 Feng Jen Rd., Jen Wu Hsiang Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
English Call  TEL:+86-592-5857929  FAX:+86-592-5857919  e-mail: richenfeed@yahoo.com.tw
中文請打 TEL:+886-7-3717888   FAX:+886-7-3732702